November 6, 2011

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Nov 6 2011

Israel agrees to exchange 1,027 Palestinian prisoners for Gilad Shalit.  What's the calculus behind the agreement? Emergency Committee for Israel launches campaign purporting to link Occupy Wall Street with Anti-Semitism. And Part III of our series on the religious beliefs and affiliations of the GOP presidential contenders asks is this the breakout moment for the Mormons?


Episode segments
  • Hamas and Israel Agree on Prisoner Swap
    Israeli Politics, Israel/Palestine, Palestinian Politics, Occupation
    Tony Karon is a senior editor at Time.  You'll find his analyses at, at The and on Facebook and Twitter (follow @TonyKaron).
    Marilyn Kleinberg Neimark

    After 5 years of captivity, Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit was freed by Hamas in exchange for 1,027 Palestinian prisoners. Tony Karon talks with us about the realpolitik behind the exchange.

  • Occupy Wall Street Accused of Anti-Semitism
    New York Politics, National Politics, Domestic Policy, Israel/Palestine, Jewish
    Michelle Goldberg is a senior contributing writer for Newsweek/The Daily Beast.  She is the author of Kingdom Coming: The Rise of Christian Nationalism, and The Means of Reproduction: Sex, Power and the Future of the World. She also writes for Tablet Magazine.
    Marilyn Kleinberg Neimark

    It began when neo-con Bill Kristol's and right wing Christian evangelist Gary Bauer's Emergency Committee For Israel launched a Youtube video followed by a national ad campaign purporting to link Occupy Wall Street with Anti-Semitism. Then, predictably, the question of whether OWS was rife with Anti-Semitism was picked up by the mainstream media.  We talk with Michelle Goldberg about the ensuing brouhaha.

  • Is America Ready to Elect a Mormon?
    National Politics, Electoral
    Chris Lehman is the author of Pennies From Heaven: How Mormon Economics Shape the GOPHe is the managing editor of the Upshot network of news blogs at Yahoo, and an editor for Bookforum.  His most recent book--out from Haymarket books--is Rich People Things.
    Marilyn Kleinberg Neimark

    Part III in our series on the religious beliefs and affiliatons of the GOP presidential candidates focuses on former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, a Mormon.